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Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Detection Module

Key Features

  • - Non-contact detection of wrist temperature, warning of tested individuals with abnormal body temperature
  • - Body temperature detection and personnel information can quickly confirm personnel information whilst recording detected body temperature
  • - Configurable temperature detection threshold value, and personnel access authority can be configured through temperature detection threshold value
  • - Non-contact wrist temperature detection module, measurement range is between 30° to 45°, measurement accuracy can reach 0.1°, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 0.3°, and measurement distance is between 1cm to 3cm
  • - Deep learning algorithm provides face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, false rate < 1%
  • - Built-in deep learning dedicated chip can support local offline recognition, 10,000 face capacity, face whitelist (1:N)
  • - Fast recognition time of 0.2 seconds, various model merge modes can bee used to reduce false rate and increase pass rate
  • - Low illumination wide-angle camera and F1.6 large aperture lens for capturing high quality image with various complex lighting scenes
  • - Suggested height for face recognition: between 0.8m and 2.2m, face recognition distance: 0.2m to 2.9m
  • - The built-in screen sleep mode ensures minimum brightness to prevent glare at night